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On Healing

Do crystal healing wands work?

Most people who buy and use my creations simply display them as artwork or use them in various spiritual ceremonies. As a scientist, I cannot claim with certainty that the gems and crystals have any healing properties in themselves. On the other hand, as a nurse, I've been required to give "placebo" shots - a plain salt-water shot that the patient believes has healing properties. I then see these patient exhibit healing or pain relief. I am convinced it is the faith of the patient that heals them. In modern Western medicine that faith is in the scholarly doctor, the medical school, the surgical procedure, or the chemicals in the pill that they take.

Disease, similarly, is based on faith. In the final analysis, in my opinion anyway, we often use one kind of faith (in healing) to overcome a faith in illness that in itself is a false belief. If someone believes in a witchdoctor, and that faith is all they know, then indeed healing is possible under those circumstances. For most Americans, trained to have faith in a science-based, pharmaceutical-oriented form of healing, I suspect faith healing with a crystal wand would not work. But as supposedly educated Westerners, we should at least be willing to keep an open mind about what causes disease and what dispels it.

From A Course in Miracles: Manual for Teachers:

"Who is the physician? Only the mind of the patient himself. The outcome is what he decides that it is. Special agents seem to be ministering to him, yet they but give form to his own choice. He chooses them in order to bring tangible form to his desires. And it is this they do, and nothing else. They are not actually needed at all. The patient could merely rise up without their aid and say, "I have not use for this." There is no form of sickness that would not be cured at once."

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