Uncle Vinny has several hobbies and interests.

1.       Ukulele
Facebook  page:  Valley Ukulele Society

2.       Ukulele Gifts and Creations
Zazzle  page:  Zazzle gifts

3.       Book Publishing
Amazon:  Author's Page
Book page: Blossom Hill Books - publishing

4.       Art and Graphics
Free animated gifs:  Animated gifs for download

5.       Essays  A wide variet of topics - use the left & right arrows  (< and >) to scroll through essays:  Vince's Essays on Scribd

6.       Near-Death Experiences Book:  A Measure of Heaven
Essays - 1. 10 Take-aways from NDEs   2.  See my pet again in heaven?

7.       Geocaching My Geocaching name is FolsomNatural.
Latest book: Easy Geocaching: Cache Containers

8.       Photography Most images are public domain.
Flickr page:  FolsomNatural

9.       Videography YouTube page:  Uncle Vinny's

10.   A Course in Miracles €“ spiritual seeking Meet-Up page: Course in Miracles Meetings


The book I most enjoyed writing. The book was published years ago, so unfortunately, most of the link URL references are obsolete. The text, however is still quite relevant. The chart below shows events occurring in near-death experiences.


Latest News:

Recently adopted a new family member: Piper the cat.

Members of the Valley Ukulele Society dressed up for Hallowe'en.

Claim to fame:
Just discovered my picture was in the 2012 edition of Ripley's Believe it or Not; of all the stupid things . . . planking!

There's a million things I'm proud of and a few dozen I'm ashamed of, and guess which makes it into the record books! Go figure!

Another stupid pose.

Uncle Vinnie's